Monaco Yacht Partner – MYP

Shipchandler and yacht supply


Our deck department is focused on stocking your daily needed products. From shammies to teak cleaner, from shurhold to polishes, we keep in stock all necessary products for your daily work. Due to our large stock, we can supply you quickly wherever you are based. Your bosun’s locker next door!

Shipchandler class

Monaco Yacht Partner
Shipchandler - Yacht Supply
8 Quai de l'Hirondelle,
1st Floor, 98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 93 30 22 23
Email :

Opening hours

Monday to Friday :
08H30 to 17H00

Saturday :
9H00/12H00 (only from June to Sept)

what we do

Monaco Yacht Supplier, the chandlery of Monaco port. Please find our catalog here : http://